March 17, 2023 4:40 pm

Maria Center

Looking for a helpful real estate exam prep ebook that will keep you focused on the right materials?

One of the hardest parts of preparing for your real estate exam is knowing what to study and simply getting started in the process. 

That's where Performance Programs excels with their real estate license exam prep books.

They've written a complete textbook that is used by many schools across the country, but often times students feel that studying after class with their classroom textbook leaves them feeling that they have information overload.

How The Book is Organized:

I love the books from Performance Programs because they remind me of the CliffsNotes of my college years. These prep books are organized to help you recall what you have already learned.  

To keep your studies on track, each section is meant to organize the keys vocabulary and concepts from the real estate license exam course in such a way that makes them easy to remember. In addition, the review questions are challenging and very similar to the way I felt the actual test questions were presented.

Whenever I meet with a tutoring student who is struggling to get a passing score on their real estate exam, I always recommend these books to help organize their study path. 

What's Available:

About the Author

Maria Center began her real estate career in 2003 as a real estate agent in Ohio. Currently she works as a real estate license exam tutor/instructor at PrepAgent. She is also Principal Broker at Nestiny Realty in Cincinnati, Ohio and Richmond, Virginia. She was licensed as an Ohio real estate broker in 2011 and owned her own brokerage from 2011-2017. She currently works as Principal Broker at Nestiny Realty in Cincinnati, Ohio and Richmond, Virginia. She is also a licensed Florida and Alabama Real Estate Broker and as a Florida Real Estate Instructor.

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